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The free version of PVPPremium, PVPStatistics is a simple data gathering plugin for PVP servers, this plugin allows you to display your player data (like kills, deaths, killstreaks) on leaderboards and gives an extra incentive for your players to play on your server.

SpigotMC Github


The premium version of PVPStatistics with all the same features and an in-depth bounty system + more statistics that will be gathered, PVPPremium is also more optimized than PVPStatistics and will recieve future feature updates where PVPStatistics will only get bug fixes if neccessary

MCMarket (4.99€)


Updating per-player signs that allows you to add PlaceholderAPI and MVDWPlaceholderAPI placeholders to signs. Not much more to it.



A warp GUI plugin that uses heads for it's inventory to show which player owns what warp, project has not recieved any updates due to lack of interest.

SpigotMC Github


Simply a donator perk that will allow your donators to choose to chat with a color of their liking, has not recieved any updates since I don't know what to add.

SpigotMC Github