Minecraft Plugin Development

Sagacious Development is aimed at creating minecraft plugins of high quality without nullifying good customer support. We see every conversation as a step towards our future, this is why we treat customers with the utmost respect.

Fair pricing

Custom development is an expensive investment. Why should you pay 100$+ for something an adequate developer will finish in +-2 hours? If you choose for Sagacious Development you're sure to pay a fair price. And if you think you still pay to much we can probably work something out!

Complete management

You are the owner of your services, not only will you get all the rights to the source code, commercial rights are also only yours


Deadlines are deadlines, no excuses. Do we not meet the agreed deadline? You get your money back.

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Interested in our work, but not convinced? Take a look at our portfolio! Not convinced? Have a look at our SpigotMC page or read our reviews!